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‘Liar’ Isaac Asiamah should be fired - Countryman Songo
‘Liar’ Isaac Asiamah should be fired - Countryman Songo

‘Liar’ Isaac Asiamah should be fired - Countryman Songo

Written by Gideon Sarpong

Host of Adom TV's Fire for Fire show, Patrick Osei Agyemang, popularly known as Country Man Songo is calling for the head of Sports Minister, Isaac Asiamah, following the latter’s inability to honour a promise he made last year.

The Sports Minister in April last year, after a tour of the Accra Sports Stadium, promised to give the stadium a major facelift to make it conducive for users of the facility.

The Minister disclosed to pressmen that his outfit had engaged the contractors, AESL and that major renovation works would begin the following month

“Nine years of neglect has seen this once very beautiful stadium in this condition. You all went round with us and saw has happened to the stadium – we see most of the facilities deteriorated,” “Since I was appointed two months ago, I have had consultations with AESL and other consultants. Some have brought some figures with regards to maintaining this stadium and others that we have. We are auditing those figures to make sure that there is value for money”.

He added that “by June, we shall start renovating our entire sports infrastructure. It will be done in phases; those critical ones will be addressed. We are starting from the Accra Sports Stadium and we shall make sure that we have a rigorous maintenance regime.”

However, more than six months after making the declaration, the stadium has seen no facelift and Songo believes that the Minister should be fired for “deceiving the public”.

“President Akufo-Addo should as a matter of urgency sack Isaac Asiamah for deceiving the public. The Minister promised last year that he was going to renovate our stadiums but six months afterwards, nothing has been done. The Minister has lied to Ghanaians so the President must change him. He said June (2017) and we are in 2018 but nothing has been done. I have heard him say that he did not get money from the right quarters to embark on the project and that’s failure on his part. It means he has no influence. What kind of minister promises and fails to deliver,” Songo fumed on the Friday edition of his show.